Whiskey Gulch New Hamp Chickens

The New Hamp breed originated from Rhode Island Reds, after poultry farmers in the state of New Hampshire performed generation after generation of selective breeding to enhance their most desired characteristics: early maturity, vigor, rapid full feathering and the production of large brown eggs. Mature New Hamp chickens are richly colored with chestnut red, yellow ochre, crimson and teal feathers. 

Qualities & Characteristics:

Dual Purpose - Bred for food and showroom competition 
Top Shelf - Award-winning exhibition features
Medium Size - Perfect for broiling or roasting
Proud History - Known as the production chicken in the U.S. prior to WWII
Brood Prone - Hens are broody and make good mothers
Naturally Nesting - Incubate and raise and their own young
Naturally Reproducing - Artificial insemination is not required
Attractive Appearance - Deep, broad body with rapidly growing feathers
Homestead Ready - The perfect poultry to raise in your backyard

Start Your Own Flock

You can order eggs, started birds or breeder adults to start your own flock of Whiskey Gulch New Hamps. Our eggs are sold by the dozen and hatch after roughly 1 month.

You can order started birds, which are 2 months old, and can be out on their own without caretaking by you or the hen. They reach full maturity after another 5 months.

Breeder adults will reproduce and raise their young independently. It takes a total of 7 months for a chicken to reach full maturity after hatching. New Hamps have an average lifespan of 5 to 7 years.

Mike Omeg, Owner of Whiskey Gulch New Hamps

Ever since he was young, Mike Omeg has actively bred, raised and managed his own flock of award-winning New Hamp chickens. Through his intensive breeding program, he produces the best individual birds for body type, color, hardiness and meat quality. Mike continues to improve the genealogical line of his flock, winning poultry shows awards year after year and making New Hamp chickens available for backyards and homesteads across the country. 

Mike is also the owner of Omeg Orchards, a family owned and operated cherry orchard in The Dalles, Oregon, since 1908.